Exceptional Flavor Menu

Summer Menu in 6 services

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135 €

Champagne Menu

Champagne Menu Barons de Rothschild rosé

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180 €

Lunch Menu

From July 23rd to 29th, 2019

Seared sardines, quinoa with citruses, kalamansi
Cecina de Leon, melon and watermelon tartar, spiced condiment

Seared squid, fava beans and artichokes, peppery broth
Soft lamb shoulder with spices, lemon spelt and zucchini salad, apricot mostarda

Peach soup, fresh almonds, vineyard peach sorbet
Light Fontainebleau, seasonal fruits

39V Lunch

Menu composed every week, according to market opportunities

Starter/Main or Main/Desert 39,50 €

Starter/Main course/Dessert 49,50 €

39V Dinner

'39V Image' Menu 95 €

Menu Saveurs d'Exception
6 courses tasting menu
135 €

Wine pairing 80 €


Our appetizers (3 starters of your choice in small size)
- Carabineros, eggplants and kalamansi
- Green peas and chanterelles mushrooms
- Plain fish, buckwheat and caviar
- Bellota ham
- Fava beans and goat cheese
48 €

Kristal Gold caviar - Maison Kaviari
chickpeas and fennel, fresh small crab broth with saffron
48 €

Fava beans and goat cheese - René Pellegrini
edamame salad with watercress, green sauce
34 €

Tuna belly 'La Nutria' and cereals
salad, quinoa and roasted seeds, iced velvety sauce
34 / 42 €

Heirloom tomatoes
-plain, confit, stewed-, stracciatella, shiso vinegar and olive oil
36 €

Grilled carabineros
eggplants -smoked puree, soft, ...-, head juices with kalamansi
48 €

Bellota ham 100% Iberico - 36 months aging
guindillas, bread with sweet peppers and tomatoes
38 / 42 €


Beef tartare 'taillé au couteau'
Pont-Neuf potatoes
28 / 34 €

Oven-grilled macaroni
fine summer truffle ragout 'Tuber Aestivum'
48 / 68 €

Main courses

'Sustainable fishing' Wild fish from our coasts -turbot, seabass, John Dory, sole, ...-
green peas and green tomatoes with basil, Dugléré sauce with caviar
72 €

'Sustainable fishing' Wild fish from our coasts -turbot, seabass, John Dory, sole, ...-
artichokes -cooked, raw and tempura-, yellow wine sauce
64 €

Blue lobster from Channel Islands grilled @Alexandre Navarre
all zucchini -stuffed flower, grilled, raw and tempura-, strong juices
74 €

Summer vegetables from Éric Roy
cooked together, mature olives oil
38 / 46 €

Young pigeon
-roasted breasts and confit legs-, spring cabbage and rhubarb, spiced condiment
60 €

Golden sweetbreads
mushrooms -girolles, shimenji, ...-, potatoes 'pressée', watercress juice
64 €

Fillet of beef Simmental from Bavière
with pepper, Croquette potatoes
64 €


Cheeses from Bernard and Jean-François Antony 24 €


Strong chocolate soufflé
Espelette Pepper sauce
24 €

Grand Marnier 'classic' soufflé
bitter orange and chocolate biscuits
24 €

Red fruits from France -strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, ...-
Hibiscus marmalade and sorbet
25 €

Vineyard peach
blancmange broth with oats milk, olive oil and lavender ice-cream
25 €

Small delicacies
-rhubarb and strawberries, religieuse, soufflé, fruits, ...-
30 €

Our 'Religieuses'
chocolate and praline, cocoa nibs ice-cream
25 €

Fruits sorbets and ice-creams 15 €