Exceptional Flavor Menu

Spring menu in 6 services

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135 €

Champagne Menu

Champagne Menu Barons de Rothschild rosé

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180 €

Lunch Menu

From June 18th to 24th, 2019

Marinated salmon 'gravlax', sour vegetables, Gremolata
Green iced velvety, edamame and radishes, Rove 'brousse' cheese

Line flat-cooked maigre, green tomatoes with basil and green peas, Dugléré sauce
Bayeux pork, organic chickpeas, Mostarda apricot

Peach-verbena vacherin
'Light' Fontainebleau, season fruits

39V Lunch

Menu composed every week, according to market opportunities

Starter/Main or Main/Desert 39,50 €

Starter/Main course/Dessert 49,50 €

39V Dinner

'39V Image' Menu 95 €

Menu Saveurs d'Exception
6 courses tasting menu
135 €

Wine pairing 80 €


Our appetizers (3 starters of your choice in small size)
- Carabineros, eggplants and kalamansi
- Green peas and wild mushrooms
- Plain fish, buckwheat and caviar
- Black ham from Bigorre AOP
- Pâté en croûte with duck and foie gras, black truffle
48 €

Plain fish from live auctions
buckwheat and Kristal Gold caviar, cucumber water and green apple with lemongrass
48 €

'Pâté en croûte'
-duck from Challans, foie gras, Lardo di Colannata, black truffle-, pickled vegetables
38 €

Tuna belly 'La Nutria' and cereals
salad, quinoa and roasted seeds, iced velvety sauce
34 / 42 €

Low temperature cooked farm egg
green peas 'royale', vegetables oil
34 €

Grilled carabineros
eggplants -smoked puree, soft, ...-, head juices with kalamansi
48 €

Ham 'Noir de Bigorre' AOP 24 months aging
guindillas, bread with sweet peppers and tomatoes
32 / 38 €


Beef tartare 'taillé au couteau'
Pont-Neuf potatoes
28 / 34 €

Oven-grilled macaroni
fine summer truffle ragout 'Tuber Aestivum'
48 / 68 €

Main courses

'Sustainable fishing' Wild fish from our coasts -turbot, seabass, John Dory, sole, ...-
green asparagus -grilled raw and stewed-, citron juices from Sicile
72 €

'Sustainable fishing' Wild fish from our coasts -turbot, seabass, John Dory, sole, ...-
artichokes -cooked, raw and tempura-, yellow wine sauce
64 €

Blue lobster from Channel Islands grilled @Alexandre Navarre
all zucchini -stuffed flower, grilled, raw and tempura-, strong juices
74 €

Spring vegetables from Éric Roy
cooked together, mature olives oil
38 / 46 €

Young pigeon
-roasted breasts and confit legs-, spring cabbage and rhubarb, spiced condiment
60 €

Farm lamb from Pays d'Oc
spring vegetables, pearled juice
60 €

Fillet of beef Simmental from Bavière
with pepper, Croquette potatoes
64 €


Cheeses from Bernard and Jean-François Antony 24 €


Strong chocolate soufflé
Espelette Pepper sauce
24 €

Grand Marnier 'classic' soufflé
bitter orange and chocolate biscuits
24 €

Red fruits from France -strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, ...-
Hibiscus marmalade and sorbet
25 €

Rhubarb and strawberries
-cooked, raw and stewed-, buttermilk ice-cream and granola
25 €

Small delicacies
-rhubarb and strawberries, religieuse, soufflé, fruits, ...-
30 €

Our 'Religieuses'
chocolate and praline, cocoa nibs ice-cream
25 €

Fruits sorbets and ice-creams 15 €