Lunch Dinner Exception Week-end

Kids menu

- 3 courses Kids Menu -
Including 1 fresh juice
HK$ 280

Soup of the day


Linguini with - fish or chicken -


Assortment of the desserts and sorbets

'Brunch Style' SET MENU

5 courses
- Seafood plate / Appetizers / Pasta / Main-course / Desserts

HK$ 680

Free flow
-Champagne/ White/ Red wine
HK$ 320

- Champagne
NV AR Lenoble- Brut Intense Mag 14
HK$ 880

NV Barons de Rothschild- Blanc de Blancs HK$ 2180

Cheese Sacristains

Jet fresh chilled seafood platter
- Oysters N°2/ Lobster / Ceviche/ Seafood Market


Signature appetizer combination
- Gravlax salmon
- Foie gras 'royale'
- Soup or consommé of the day
- Egg Benedict
- Veggie salad


Oven- grilled macaroni with Comte cheese



French Bouillabaisse and 'rouille' condiment'
Classic fish soup with rock fish, potatoes and saffron


Chef's main-course from the market of the day


Assortment of desserts and souffle of the day