Lunch Dinner Exception Week-end

39V Tasting Menu

- French GourMay menu -

HK$ 1480

- Wine Pairing -

HK$ 680

Pour Patienter... 'Amuse-bouche' du moment


Green and white asparagus
-cooked and raw-, our 'Gribiche sauce' with confit egg yolk


Duck foie gras, poultry and smoked eel presse pear and beetroot condiment


Roasted turbot with shellfish, saffron 'beurre blanc'


Pork from Vendee
-crispy breast and loin with morels-
'Bonnotte' potatoes and French-style green peas


Cheese selection from Maison Mons


'Gache' from Vendee French toast-style, salted butter caramel and raw ice-cream