Frédéric Vardon

Chef, entrepreneur and manager, Frédéric Vardon is above all a lover of a cuisine coming from the heart and full of emotion. This starred chef leads his two establishments with the energy and enthusiasm of a man animated by the passion of his profession.

Vardon was born in 1967 in Normandy. His father was a pork butcher and caterer and he was raised by his grandparents on a farm. His family has a taste for good, healthy and typical food, and he inherited a passion for genuine tastes of high quality products and respect for the work of farmers. After an apprenticeship at the Jean Ferrrandi school, Vardon improved his experience with great names of French cuisine, such as Jean-Pierre Morot-Gaudry, Alain Dutournier, Alain Chapel and Alain Ducasse. Thanks to these chefs, his passion for "joyful cuisine" would never leave him.

Gastronomy doesn't rhyme with luxe but with high standards of quality, it has always led to pleasure and emotion among the guests, whether it be a "Turbot of our shores with Beluga Imperial caviar” or a "Normandy Farmer’s chicken with its oven baked potatoes." 

For Vardon, all restaurants face the same challenges, whether they are located in the trendiest areas of Hong Kong or in the famous Parisian Golden Triangle: providing customers with the best products and getting them to want to share them. In each of his restaurants, Vardon’s cuisine is subject to the same demands and philosophies he learned from his peers: make something that is already beautiful taste good.

He always says, "We should honor what the earth offers and respect those who farm, who sow and harvest because the best quality products are the result of a perfect harmony between nature and man."

All these values led to his induction into the French Culinary Academy in January 2012. In February 2012, the MICHELIN guide® granted him his first star for the restaurant Le 39V Paris . Member of the Culinary College of France as a coordinator for Ile-de-France region, he is also one of the first chefs of the Académie du Goût.