Frédéric Vardon

Frédéric Vardon Chef, entrepreneur and manager, Frédéric Vardon is above all an aficionado of a cuisine full of feelings and emotions. He manages the whole society with the energy and enthusiasm of a passionate man with his job.

His childhood in Normandy with a charcutier-caterer father and farmer grand-parents combine with his experience with great names of the French cuisine, such as Alain Dutournier, Alain CHapel and Alain Ducasse, have built his passion for "cookery and glee" which would never leave him...

Frédéric Vardon's cuisine is directly inspired by France's culinary traditions. He leverages the very best of France's regional produce. His cuisine is elegant, attractive and fair; it offers an authentic, generous family experience to all patrons. Le 39V Paris et Le 39V Hong Kong, all celebrate his passion for the very best that our land has to offer.