Lunch Menu

FROM 14th TO 20th OF FEBRUARY 2017

Grilled red mullet, quinoa and turnips, guacamole
Confit veal, potatoes light cream, roasted chestnuts

Seared seabream, sautèed vegetables, sesame virgin sauce
Roasted farm poultry, Noirmoutier potatoes and caramelized onions, pearled juice

'Conférence' pear -roasted and sorbet-salted butter caramel cream
Light 'Fontainebleau', seasonal fruits

39V Lunch

Menu composed every week, according to market opportunities

Starter/Main or Main/Desert 39,50 €

Starter/Main course/Desert 49,50 €

39V Dinner

'39V Image' Menu 95 €

'Exceptionnal Flavors' Menu
6 courses tasting menu
125 €

Wine pairing 70 €


Roasted langoustines from our coasts
raw and cooked vegetables, soya cream with herbs
34 / 42 €

Our egg -en meurette-
-confit egg yolk, whipped egg white-, black truffle bread's finger
32 €

Our appetizers
-crab, foie gras, scallops- in small size
48 €

Poached duck foie gras from les Landes
all beetroots, strong and spiced broth
34 €

Raw Seine's Bay scallops
lamb's lettuce, celeriac and green apple
36 / 44 €

Shelled crab, avocado, mixed diced vegetables, bisque emulsion 34 / 42 €

Chalosse ham -36 months aging-, guindillas, bread from B. Castel with sweet peppers and tomatoes 32 / 38 €


Oven grilled macaroni
fine black truffle ragout 'Tuber Melanosporum'
44 / 62 €

Beef tartare 'taillé au couteau', Pont-Neuf potatoes 28 / 34 €

39V Caesar salad 34 €

Main courses

Scallops from the Seine's Bay
jerusalem artichoke, chicory -red, green and white-, tangy juice
58 €

John Dory from Brittany
artichokes -cooked, raw and in tempura-, yellow wine sauce
56 €

Sole 'meunière' with shellfish
-cockles, razor clams, clams, ...-, soft potatoes, creamy shellfish sauce
68 €

Squash ravioles with black truffle 'Tuber Melanosporum' chesnuts, Parmigiano Reggiano emulsion 44 / 62 €

Poultry from Bresse with black truffle, -roasted breast 'en demi-deuil', jugged leg-, garden vegetables 72 €

Iberian pig
-roasted pork chop and glazed breast-, apple and mashed potatoes, strong juice
54 €

Veal sweetbreads in crust
cockscombs and kidneys, swiss chards, truffled gravy
58 €

Fillet of beef Simmental from Bavière with pepper, Croquette potatoes 62 €


Cheeses from Bernard and Jean-François Antony 24 €


Strong chocolate soufflé, Espelette Pepper sauce 22 €

Grand Marnier 'classic' soufflé
chocolate and bitter orange cake
22 €

Traditional 'Russe' praliné,
hazelnuts ice-cream
22 €

Mixed fruits salad -mango, papaya, kiwi, ...-,
grapefruit sorbet
25 €

My orchard's apple
-roasted, light cream, sorbet, ...-
23 €

39V Black Forest cream cake
chocolate-cherries 'griotte', cocoa ice-cream
23 €

Fruits sorbets and ice-creams 15 €

Café gourmand 16 €